This video is a representative artifact of the 36 videos created for inclusion in an on-campus-use laboratory manual. Each video is included in a module on a learning management system that can be assigned to any Microbiology class. There is a written section that tells the learner what is to be expected for the lab experiment and then the video provides the audio/visual representation of those steps. I am responsible for the recording, editing, proofing and captioning of each video. 


I include this video as a portion of my portfolio as an example of my ability to create multimedia for the purpose of learning.  The video also demonstrates my exposure to the pedagogy within the natural sciences and the collaborative efforts that were a part of the creation process.

Multimedia for Online Microbiology Laboratory Manual   

AECT Standards Demonstrated

Standard 1: Content Knowledge

Standard 2: Content Pedagogy​

Standard 4: Professional Knowledge and Skills

Acknowledgment of Collaboration

This artifact was created in collaboration with SMEs from the field of Microbiology,  Dr. Minoo Askarii, Dr. Susan McMahon and Dr. Kristen Davidson.

Online Lab Manual Demonstration: Temperature Effects

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Leslie Owle

Instructional Designer




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